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Nothing goes better with a roll-up garage door than an automatic garage door opener. An automatic garage door opener is an electric system that assists with the raising and lowering of a garage door, particularly roll-up garage doors. Without an electric garage door opener system, garage doors must be raised and lowered manually each time you want to enter or leave your garage. An electronic garage door opener, by contrast, means that you can open and close your garage with just the touch of a button.

A typical garage door opener system includes both the hardware that does the heavy lifting and electronic accessories used to activate the system. Usually, a master control for the garage door will be mounted inside the garage, often near a home’s interior door. Oftentimes a second control is mounted outside the garage, on the exterior of the home. Rather than a button, the exterior garage door opener control will be a keypad into which homeowners can program a memorable code. This code, once entered, will trigger the garage door opener system to open or close the garage door.

brooklyn garage door openers

A garage door opener system relies upon electrical power and radio signals. The mounted garage door openers send out a signal that instructs the garage door opener to either open or close the garage door. Handheld garage door opener accessories — such as a remote that you clip to your car visor or affix to your keychain — operate the same way. Just aim your garage door openers remote in the general direction of your garage door and it will open or close after only a few seconds.

Brooklyn garage door openers

Brooklyn Garage Door Openers

Having garage door problems? Call today for Garage Door Repair starting at $29! (888) 326 – 7147


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