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Whether you’ve decided to sell your home or it’s just time for a long overdue makeover, one of the easiest and relatively affordable ways to take your home’s facade from drab to fabulous is to replace the old garage door with a newer, younger, fresher, trendier, cooler, richer, and ultimately more attractive model. Updating your garage door is a surefire way to make all the other garage doors on the block mad with envy. And the best part of this process is that it’s easy! There are many, many styles of garage doors to choose from and they are sold in a range of prices, and made from a variety of materials, so there’s no possible way you won’t find a brand new garage door, one so great you’ll forget the other one even existed.
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There’s a reason curb appeal improvements top the list of things you can do to increase the home’s value. A well designed facade with a trendy, top of the line garage door can increase your home’s property value by up to 4%, real estate experts say. To make sure your new garage door turns the heads of potential homebuyers and investment speculators, use a distinctive and eye-catching garage door design concept. The garage door design process begins before you even visit your local garage door retailer. Peruse garage door design mags for tips, ideas, and reviews of the latest and greatest garage door trends.

These trends include design details like adding a row of small windows, to break up the boring expanse of solid aluminum or wood or fiberglass. Add panels or other hardware details to lend an air of architectural interest to your door — that way it will look as if an architect designed your garage door! And that’s sure to attract the home buyer of your dreams.
Having garage door problems? Call today for Garage Door Repair starting at $29! (888) 326 – 7147

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