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“I don’t want to pay extra for same day service!”

Brooklyn Garage Doors same day service

I’ve had people say this to me when they call in for a garage door repair, and I feel like they need to know that they won’t pay extra today.

You won’t pay extra for garage door repairs tomorrow either.  Nor the next day.  Or any day for that matter.  Why?

Because while other garage door companies try and nickel and dime you to death, we don’t.  Every garage door service from us comes with same day service (except in times of extremely high call volume–  but even then, we usually manage).

Don’t get stuck paying more for something that should come free!  Call us today for same day garage door service!

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Brooklyn Garage Doors | There was a noise. Now what?

Every so often we get a frantic call from a customer saying that there was a strange noise coming from their garage door when it was opening or closing.

We love these calls!

You may be asking yourself why we love these calls, and it’s because that means we have a smart customer!  When your garage door starts making some strange noises, that means that something is wrong with it, and that something could easily deteriorate into something extreme.  When it comes to the amount of money you pay for having us come out now vs. when it becomes a huge issue, it’s much more cost effective for you to call us at the first noise.

Take note from these types of customers, by the way;  it’s the smart choice!

Brooklyn Garage Doors | Quick Response Times

When choosing a garage door company, do you ever consider the sort of response time you’ll get from them when deciding who to go with?  Is it really that important?

Well, we think it is, and you should too.  Think about it–  Let’s say the roll up security door for your business isn’t working properly, and you call a company that can’t get out there immediately–  Maybe they can’t even get out there that day.  That’s a problem, is it not?

Now let’s say you choose a company that not only offers same day service, but can get to you with lightning fast response times.  This means no down time for your business, and no time where it’s left unsecured.

See why response times matter when choosing a garage door company?

Brooklyn Garage Doors | Why get your windows frosted?

“Get your windows frosted.”  That sounds like some strange code word, but it’s not.  It’s the act of making your garage door windows opaque so that no one can see in.  This can have a great, positive effect on many aspects of your life as a homeowner;  For instance, it will increase your level of security by not allowing burglars to see in.  It will also increase your level of privacy because people can’t see in.  It also just looks nice to have the windows on your garage door frosted.

Of course, if you don’t want that opaque look, you could also opt for tinting!  Either way, make the smart choice with your windows!

The proverbial “oil change” for your garage door

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Pop quiz: How often are you supposed to get your oil changed?  Don’t worry–  We’ll relate this to your garage door. . .

  1. 3,000 miles
  2. Never
  3. Am I being detained?

If you answered 3,000 miles, you’re partially correct;  we know there’s some debate about this, but for the sake of this post, let’s say it’s 3,000 miles.

So, you spend time and money maintaining your car so that it doesn’t need costly repairs down the road.  What about your garage door, though?  While you can’t change it’s oil, you can take care of regular garage door maintenance, which will extend the life of all of the components of your garage door for a long time to come–  The rationale is the same:  Maintenance costs a lot less than a costly repair, so why not invest?

Are you investing in your garage door’s future?

Open for the Holidays

Brooklyn Garage Door Openers, Repair & Installation

If you run into any sort of garage door or gate issues during the holidays you may be worried that you will have to wait a long time to have someone out to repair the problem. However, if you call Brooklyn Garage Doors you won’t have to wait at all. We are open 24/7 for all of the holidays and we will never charge you extra to come out even on Christmas.

So, please put our number somewhere you will remember just in case you wind up needing some garage door assistance.

Emergency garage door service

We’ve all been there: your garage door stop working at the worst possible time. It can be even worse when the weather is starting to get cold outside. If you run into this situation you definitely want to call a garage door company that will come out right away. Brooklyn Garage Doors has emergency garage doors services available so you will never have to wait long to get your garage door working right again. We will never ever charge you more for this service either. Don’t try other companies who will get someone to you next week; call us and have someone there right away.

Keep your gate in working condition

Brooklyn Garage Doors

If you have a gate protecting your shop or store when you are not there you need to make sure that you keep up on maintenance for the gate. If your gate is broken leaving it like that even for just one night can leave your whole store at risk. It is easier to repair small gate issues as they arise rather than having to have someone install an entirely new door for you. If you notice anything at all wrong with your gate please do yourself a favor and call Brooklyn Garage Doors.

Brooklyn Garage Doors|Open indication monitor important

Brooklyn Garage Doors believes that installing an open indication monitor is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your home safe. This monitor will alert you every time any of the doors that lead to the outside are left open. We’ve all done it before, but now you can rest easy knowing that if you don’t hear the monitor all the doors, including the garage door, are securely closed. If you would like to know your options for installing an open indication monitor in your home, call Brooklyn Garage Doors now!

Important to paint Garage door

Painting your garage door has a lot more benefits than you may realize. As you know, painting your garage door helps to make it look newer and nicer, but did you know that it can also protect your garage door?

Your garage door is outside and it has to endure all of the different environmental factors that come its way. Painting the garage door and making sure it is re-painted every time the paint start to wear off can keep it from rusting. This is very important if you want to keep your garage door working great for years to come. If you are looking to paint your garage door give Brooklyn Garage Doors a call.

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Having garage door problems? Call today for Garage Door Repair starting at $29! (888) 326 – 7147

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Brooklyn Garage Doors wants you to rest easy while we fix your garage door; That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all garage door services, so you know you're making the right choice with Brooklyn Garage Doors.

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