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What are you doing for Halloween?

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Not you!  You!  I’m talking to your garage door.  Of course, your garage door will need help getting ready for the most wonderful time of year (I may have that switched with something), so this is an important post for you to read.  Decorations are fun ideas are not limited to just holidays like Christmas–  Halloween needs plenty of love too!  So here are some ideas that involve your garage door:

1)  Simple Decorations

These don’t need to be anything crazy, or elaborate–  Just some simple decorations that show that you enjoy one of the best holidays of the year:

Garage Door Halloween Decoration

And possibly good taste in movies, as well.

2)  Elaborate Decorations

With all of that surface area, why keep it simple?  Why not get more elaborate with your decorations?

Garage Door Decorations


3)  Interactive Haunted Houses

Need we say more?

Garage Haunted House

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